Shaugn O'Donnell
Shaugn O'Donnell
guitarist • academic


Current Musical Projects:

O'Duo: Acoustic Duo
Lead guitar, arranger (2017 – present)

The O'Donnell family duo (or O'Duo) features Mike O'Donnell of Carrie and The Cats on vocals and guitar. Our focus is simple tunes with room for improvisation and a little newgrass flavor.


Past Projects:


Lost Axis: Acoustic Duo
Lead guitar, co-composer (October 2015 – March 2017)

Lost Axis is a rock duo featuring Joe Popp on vocals and guitar. The stark instrumental palate of one voice and two guitars, free from over-production, places the focus directly on the music.

Stream or download our album here: Magnetic Place.

Magnetic Place Cover.jpg

Popp Over America: Acoustic Duo
Lead guitar, arranger (February 2015 – October 2015)

Popp Over America is an ongoing video project by Joe Popp about people, food, and good times while touring the U.S. as a singer-songwriter on a motorcycle. My involvement in the initial episode was the precursor to Lost Axis, and music from Magnetic Place is now the soundtrack for the pilot.


Plasma in the Ukraine: Power Trio
Lead guitar (2012 – 2013)

Featuring: Joe Popp, vocals/bass; Tylor Durand, drums
Experimental trio improvising complete spontaneous songs from scratch, along with its occasional variant as a quartet (below).

Panopticon Four: Rock Quartet
Lead guitar (2014 – 2015)

Adding Jon Pieslak on bass, with Joe on vocals/guitar.

Forgetful Alien: Recording Artist
Guest lead guitar (2009 – 2012)

Guest guitarist for selected tracks on three albums (below). Forgetful Alien is songwriter Paul Madden's ongoing recording identity. Stream/download Mind Field (2012), where I'm featured on four tracks (1, 5, 10, 13).

Mind Field , Forgetful Alien (2012)

Mind Field, Forgetful Alien (2012)

Our Soul Hungers , Forgetful Alien (2010)

Our Soul Hungers, Forgetful Alien (2010)

Orion's Hat , Forgetful Alien (2009)

Orion's Hat, Forgetful Alien (2009)



A Glimpse of Darkness (©1995)

I. "First Glimpse"
II. "Exhale"
III. "Ice"

A musical reflection on mortality and the cosmos in three brief movements. The first movement is a first awareness of mortality, the second is a death rattle, and the final is post-mortem. The instruments and score were designed and realized in Csound on a NeXTstation.

Work of Fiction EP (©1985)

Work of Fiction (left to right):

  • Mike Harold, bass

  • Mike Lipsey, keyboards, marimba

  • Paul Zutrau, vocals, guitar

  • Shaugn O'Donnell, lead guitar

  • Not shown: Claudia Jacobs, vocals

Converted from a very old vinyl pressing, enjoy!